Monday, April 30, 2007

I could talk about..

  • My night hike on Friday, listening to frogs an hour north of here and discussing the personal meaning of church music with a Catholic priest, then the complete dearth of decent men with a fiftyish divorcee
  • Finally finishing the first panel of my elaborate stained-glass lamp
  • Transplanting my seedlings into larger pots
  • The 80-degree weather yesterday and the bike ride of ecstasy all over the city, including stops at Lincoln Square, Wicker Park, and The Mercury Cafe
  • The arrival of my muscle relaxants, and today's glorious ride into work
  • Eating ice cream with Beth at Taste of Heaven last night

But I'd prefer to start my Sven countdown, because that is the big news.



SP said...

You know what, I might not be coming after all. I mean, what's the point?

JC said...

You are coming. I have been sweeping rabbit poop. We are BACK TOGETHER.