Friday, February 27, 2015

Waiting for go,Houston.

Had my interview with the Big Cheese I'd be supporting, and I loved her. Absolutely loved her. Met privately with the current admin who, unless she is a world-class lair, seemed very sincere when she said, "My new job will be walking distance from my house. But I'll really miss this job. It really is a great job."

They also loved me, so I expect an offer once the reference thing is done. No problems expected there -- one of my colleagues emailed me and said, "They want three areas of improvement -- I can't think of any. Can you?"

"I talk too fast?" I suggested, after thinking a bit.

So she put that I can sometimes talk too fast when I'm passionate about something. Oh, the humanity.

From conversations with The Boss and and their HR person, I have every confidence I'll get the pay I want, and I hear the benefits are very good. We're trying to get things wrapped up today before my family trip next week, although I said I'd take my laptop to be on email, just in case.

This could be the job -- the job that incorporates my strengths and allows me a variety of real responsibility. Lord, let it be.

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