Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Riot in Cell Block 9

A friend of mine went to her car in the lot where she keeps it, and noticed that the car next to her was somewhat full of cats. Aside from the number ad the fact that they were in a  car, they seemed OK. She left her name and number on the windscreen and suggested she could help with the cats f they needed it.

The car-cat person contacted her. We have a mutual friend who volunteers at a cat shelter. Long story short, my friend took six kittens and gave the owner information about getting the parents neutered at low cost. Because she has a large two-bedroom unit and I have a small 1-bedroom, She has 4 and I have two. The kittens are about 5 months old and need socializing. They seem healthy, but are afraid of people.

The two sisters I took are gray tigers who are situated in my tile bathroom. I suspected fleas (correctly as it turned out), and wanted them separate form the rest of the house and in a place that would be easy to clean. Over the course of several days the activity in the bathroom has taken on the drama of a Women In Prison movie.  It goes something like this:

I walk in.


I pick one up.

"AAAUGH! AAAUGH! A- Oh, that's nice, now."

I put her down and move toward the other, who is either hiding behind the toilet or on her hind legs, squeezed into the 5-inch space between the radiator and the wall.

"HISS! HISS! I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL CUT YOU, BITCH! JUST TRY ME! DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT PICKING ME U--Oh. Oh, well, If you're going to scratch my head..."

Using a bowl of soapy water as a trap, I've had some flea-combing sessions and have removed 50-75 fleas. And then had an hour of psychosomatic itching afterwards.

Kevin was by to watch a football game (the first time I've ever sat through a game), and we sat with the kittens before hand. He has a cat, but I think he could use another, and watching him snuggle the kittens, I think I sensed someone falling in love.

Nothing more adorable than a 6-foot 4 guy turning to me during the fame and asking, "Can we sit with the kittens during halftime?" Other than of course watching a 6-foot 4 guy snuggle a tiny kitten.


karen said...

Oh he definitely needs a kitty, perhaps two. He could become the 6'4" cat lady guy.

Yikes!!! Fleas!!! I've been itching since I saw those advertised on social media yesterday, or the day before?

This one time when we went camping, my parents dusted the house for fleas before we left. We often went for 2 weeks to a month, which means when we came home we had forgotten what we'd done. I use the term we very loosely.

Being that there were 4 girls in the car as well as parents, and there existed only 2 bathrooms, the competition was always pretty fierce after the final marathon leg of our trip. I claimed my parents bathroom, which turned out to be the only place that WASN'T dusted. My feet and ankles were BLACK with fleas. They were lucky I didn't pee on their carpet!!!

Anyway, hope the fleas are gone soon ... thanks for sharing your crazy cat lady story.

JC said...

Fleas are the worst! When I lived in NC with my husband, we had two cats and took in two kittens that had them. Cut to flea-bathing each cat, then transporting it to our Toyota station wagon. We set off the flea bomb and sat with the wet cats, in the car, drinking apple juice and watching the rain pour down. Two hours.

karen said...

Those would be my kind of two hours. So long as I had good books to read and something stronger than coffee in my hot drink. Ooops. You said apple juice, I'm thinking blueberry tea. Guess that can't happen in an automobile!