Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Back in the Spin

Over the past several months, a combination of new medication and perimenopause led to fatigue and increased appetite, which meant I've been eating more and exercising less. Add to this that  I no longer have a car and my work isn't located close enough to the Metra to get to the Y in time for classes, and you have an extra five or so pounds. Doesn't sound like much, but I'm five feet tall, so it's actually somewhat transformative; jeans that were comfy are tight, dresses that fit comfortably are now land mines of bulges. I'm not fat, I'm still pretty petite, but I feel uncomfortable and I miss being OK with what I saw in the mirror.

I'd always vowed that as I got older I'd not go gently into that good night of becoming fat and frail, so I've been looking for a new gym to attend. Kevin sent me a coupon offer to try 5 classes at a gym not far from one of the El stops on the way home, so I bought them and tonight went to my first spin class there.

The class was a nice mix of ages, and had a fun, mellow vibe. The instructor was a woman about my age, and she played excellent music. I do love Lady Gaga; the woman is a spin-class answer to prayer. The man behind me, who appeared to be in his 50's and was clearly a fit bike enthusiast, periodically whooped when he was feeling happy. It should have been annoying, but it was pretty cute.

I'd been worried about what it would be like to spin after abstaining from biking for awhile, but I did pretty well, and had a good workout. Got the eye from the older guy, and I think a lesbian flirted with me in the locker room.

In other words, the usual.


peacefulmayhem said...

Nice! I don't think I've ever whooped with happiness when working out, but its nice to know that it's a possibility. :)

Glad the gym seems good!

JC said...

The energy in the class was so positive. Going back Saturday morning!

karen said...

Bwa ha ha ha!!! That sounds pretty fun, especially the eye and the flirt. Nothing like a bit of that to round off the day.

I have never tried a spin class. We've been doing enough riding (without our car) that I've noticed feeling more trim lately so I don't have to ponder how much I loathe gyms ... I used 'em when I was pregnant but only whilst in denial.

One day I may have to try ...