Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hypothermic Crush

I did my granola gig last Sunday. I saw a young man I'd seen before, and then I saw him an hour later, and then even later. He carried a bag with two oranges.

"These college kids must really be hard up to hang at Whole Foods all day eating sample," I thought.

He came over. I'd talked to him the week before; I have lots of regulars.

"You wearing wool socks today?" he asked.

"Yup," I replied. "So, you keeping an eye on me, making sure I don't palm some wine? (I was in front of the liquor department, facing the dairy section. Much warmer than being in front of the open juice fridge).

I was teasing, but then it hit me: Of course! He WAS a store detective!

He clearly thought I'd known, and made some joke about it.  Well, how could I not know? He's there ALL DAY. I'm so stupid sometimes.

A little while later, another young guy I'd seen before came by. He, too, was a store cop. You would never notice them unless, like me, you were there for four hours and saw them regularly.

We started chatting about his job, my gig, sharing stories. He was so much that I haven't experienced lately: attractive, conversational, confident. He strolled off and then came back. He was eating some cheese.

"Here, have some," he said, and handed me a piece before strolling off again.

I began to notice him hanging around my area, and I caught him watching me.

"Either he's interested, or I seem really suspicious," I thought. I was incredulous. I mean, this guy was cute -- seriously cute -- and way younger than me. Although I'm used to being taken for younger than I am, which in this case, was just fine with me.

After I was done I put my stuff in my car and came back to catch up on some shopping. I bumped into him in the beans aisle. We exchanged names, and he offered me a Starburst.

I can really go for a guy whose main impulse is to feed me.

He doesn't work this weekend, which is too bad, but that's OK. Something to look forward to.

Seriously cute.


karen said...

woot woot ... being cased by store security ... for all the wrong reasons!

Can't wait for the continuation of this story.

I, myself, am sadly hung over. Which is why I NEVER drink much. groan.

JC said...

Oh, feel better! I have a tiny alcohol tolerance. One glass of wine and I get seriously buzzed. Cheapest date ever.