Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bard of the Card

So today the department was going out to dinner to celebrate the department head's 30 years with the company. A card was being circulated, and I was the second person to get it. I looked at the blank expanse, trying to think of something to write. Something appropriate to the occasion, yet with a personal touch. It's not like this woman and I were chummy, and as my supervisor had admonished me, it is a very conservative company. Oh, the dilemma.

Then inspiration hit like a bolt from the blue. I sensed what The Bard must have felt as he penned his sonnets and soliloquies, what William Carlos Williams experienced upon contemplating that red wheel barrow, that icebox of delicious, cold plums.

I took my pen, and began my inscription in large letters:

"WOO WOO!!!!!"


karen said...

A ha ha ha ha! You got me there! I can just imagine the face on the woman ... and everyone else as they read the card's early inscriptions in search of their own inspiration.

"Well done, I say. Well done!!!"
(Joe Orton)

JC said...

Thanks! I was discussing it with some coworkers at lunch, and a long discussion ensued among them as to how it would be received, whether there would be repercussions. I let them talk, then I said, "The fact that this merits any kind of speculation is indicative of the huge pathology at work here."

Must remember to take my daily dose of Red Pill.