Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sometimes you just have to say no. Or maybe.

 The writer/director of the sketch show I did got in touch to say he'd written more scenes and wanted to do another show in late August through mid-September. He was also going to film the show for Comcast, and was I interested?

I had to say no because I'll be out of town for a cousin's wedding (I would not miss this - weddings in my family are far and few between, and having all of my relatives in one room makes for more entertainment than any television). I did mention that the other thing I could not do was live at rehearsals like we did for the first show. The other woman and I were losing our minds toward the end because we had our lines down way before most of the others, and we spent 4-5 nights a week in rehearsal. (We would have to run a scene three times each go because one guy could not master complex directions such as, "Don't deliver your lines with your back to the audience," or "When you say that line, cross upstage.") For a sketch show with no costumes, no scenery, minimal props and very basic tech, we way over-rehearsed it. I got so sick of the sound of my own voice I started rehearsing in accents.

And we rehearsed so much because, walking-and-talking issues aside, at least two other cast members didn't learn their lines until right before the show. I have little patience for this. So on the one hand, I'm sorry I might not be able to do more with this show, but on the other, I like having a balance in my life. I'm not sure who is being called back, but I heard from the other woman that two of the guys I would not have called back are being invited.

No word from the place where I auditioned the other night; when I looked at the take-away sheet describing the season, I sensed there might not be many roles suitable for me, age-wise.

Still holding out hopes for the Scottish play. There's always tomorrow. And tomorrow. And tomorrow!

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