Monday, May 17, 2010

For my first piece...

Audition tomorrow after work. This is for a theater company's season, not just one show, and they pay, so it's a little more serious this time.  I've been honing my two monologues, and I'm sure my neighbors think I've been having psychotic breaks all evening. The thing that gets me nerved up isn't the performing of the monologues, it's the time constraint. I know I won't go over, but I have this irrational fear that I'll be at the high point of a scene, a place where I feel most vulnerable, and a voice calling from the darkened chairs of the audience will interrupt with a clearly bored, "Ok. We've seen enough."

For some reason, I can't quite get my lines perfect in one scene, so I'll have to take the script to work tomorrow and practice in Millennium Park, where my psychotic breaks might blend in. Either that or go to the lockable "sick room" and practice in a very low voice. I have a lot of trouble controlling myself, though, even while reading a scene. On the train I tell myself to just *read* the passage, don't act it, but I have this kind of expressive Tourette's, and suddenly realize that my lips are moving, my eyebrows are raised, and I'm poised to tell York that his sons have all been killed, and how does he like THOSE apples, HMMMMMMMM? Surreptitious looks around me confirm that I've been drawing some attention with my silent theatrics. Oh, for a burka. Yikes, look at the time. Must get my rest!

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