Saturday, May 15, 2010

Diverted, C'est Moi.

Next Tuesday, I have an audition for which I need to prepare two monologues totaling three minutes. On June 6 I have an audition for which I need to prepare a monologue in verse (Shakespeare). My plan?

Do everything but, apparently.

Called SP in London to thank him for the book he sent ("The Freedom Manifesto"). Heard about his attempts to swarm his bees (no luck; no queen larvae).

Went to glass studio, but was thwarted when my instructor proved out of the glass I needed.  Cut what I could, came home, did laundry, sorted out storage bin in basement. Masked, primed, and put the first coat of paint on the wood-faced replacement windows in my bedroom that had been unfinished since I bought my place two years ago. Got out a cookbook and made a divine couscous/stew dish. Danced to Fountains of Wayne's "Red Dragon Tattoo" five times in a row.

Gave cats Petromalt. Watched latest "Dr. Who" episode (remain unimpressed by Amy Pond; the actress is either misdirected or just not interpreting the character in a way that grabs me. Very one-note).

Did time two monologues (while eating couscous dish)  to make sure they fit the time constraint. Worked the one I've yet to perform. Found some good decisions about delivery.

Gave rabbits fresh hay. And time for bed.

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