Sunday, May 2, 2010

Better yet..

A "woo woo!" tattoo.

I think this is bothering me more than I'd like it to.


karen said...

I quite like your blog ... I was once living a life similar to yours ... in a city, acting and working corporate to pay the bills. I remember how hard it was to try to not care, to try to fit the mold. And to go to the lame-ass auditions as well as a few good ones ... It was squishy!

I enjoyed some years of writing/multimedia/TV odd jobs while living in Hong Kong that gave me some new direction. The corporate stuff definitely helped me land the cooler gigs, so I am not sorry ...

Fast forward a few ... okay about 20, and I'm enjoying a few years of stay-at-home duty, which means I'm on stage every day with my kids and making sure they say YES to creativity and quirks every day. Hurray!

And I worked out a deal in my stay-at-home contract that I get a couple of not working years to figure out which direction I am taking my career next! Writing, acting, definitely NOT sucking it up in anybody's corporate straightjacket!

I hope you can keep the whoo hoo attitude and write the emails their mcWay without going too crazy ...

keep it crazy here, girl!

JC said...

Sounds like you know how to take care of yourself, which is key in life. Even when I don't know what I may be doing down the road, I at least know that I know how to land on my feet. I couldn't have said that 20 years ago.

I have a better sense of who I am today, so while the woo-woo thing is annoying, i know that it has nothing to do with my values, but with theirs, and I'm looking at it as a fun challenge to see how well I can work this to my advantage. I think being laid off for a year and spending nine months babysitting twin toddlers was a big step in helping me just chill and be myself. ON the bright side, I'm not working for tyrants, so I can probably just "yes" them and they'll be happy. Thanks for stopping by, and maybe one day I'll get to perform one of your shows!