Sunday, February 21, 2010

One of those days...

Did you ever have a day where you just could NOT do anything right the first time? Where you consider taking a remedial class in just walking?

Today was the day for me to pick up the rabbit I was going to foster from Red Door animal shelter. Chicago's pound, Animal Care and Control, in response to budget cuts, has stopped rabbit adoptions, so the pressure on Red Door as increased. I don't have all kinds of room, but I've been wanting to do more for this shelter, so I got out the puppy pen, packed the pet carrier, and headed out. First stop was at the local grocery store, so that I could pick up some more litter. As I hit the car door, I felt my keys slip from my gloved hand. I stood there, outside my locked car, looking at my keys sitting on the driver's seat.

"NO." I said. Because studies have proven that a commanding voice gets the best results when addressing inanimate objects.

I began to walk the five blocks home. On the way, I called my neighbor, and asked whether she could give me a ride back one I picked up my extra key in the apartment. She was happy to help, and also needed to go to the grocery store, so it all worked well.

I got to the building, and stopped. I called my neighbor again.

"Yes, and of course I forgot that my house keys are also on the key chain, so if you could come down and let me into the building, that would be great. How I manage to breathe is beyond me."

Fortunately, she also has a key to my apartment, so I got in and got the key, and we drove back. I got my litter and headed to the shelter. The rabbit I took is called Anjelica, and she is adorable. A small, English spot/lionhead-y girl.

We packed up, and I headed back to my place. I got there and went to grab my bag.


Back to the shelter, where I'd left it, got the bag, then back to my house. Got Anjelica settled; Leroy was very curious, and there was a lot of nose-touching, and then the pissiness began, so I had to hutch up Leroy while I got ready for the gym. Amie just stayed in the hutch, muttering something about "I'm not O-freaking-Lan."

I biked to the gym, then to the grocery store for food. Got all the way through checkout and realized as I was about to walk out that I'd not paid for the soy milk tucked into the bottom of the cart. Turned around, went back, paid, and really wished I could stop having this horrible sense of impending insanity.

Back home, arranged some cardboard to prevent Bunny War, then proceeded to make a dish from my new vegetarian Low-GI (low glycemic index) cookbook. the good thing about the recipes in this book is that they are simple, low-cost, and best of all, make enough to feed my entire building in the event of a national emergency.

Now to finish cleaning up the aftermath of Harry's urinary-tract infection. And look forward to a new week. My final week before work starts.

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Irisrainbow said...

I have had days like this. I also have ADD. And since my jobs thruout my life have been as a delivery person, I just call in sick and cower in the living room.