Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An Embarrassment of Bunnies

So Chicago Animal Care and Control (aka the city's pound) has had some budget cuts and, as a result, has stopped doing rabbit adoptions. This leaves Red Door pretty much the only shelter that does this now (many other places will take surrendered rabbits, but they do not house or put them up for adoption, instead turning to places like the House Rabbit Society or Red Door to take what they can, and euthanizing the rest.)

Red Door put out a call for foster homes to expand its capacity, and I decided to help. I don't have tons of room, but I've been wanting to do more for this excellent shelter. Plus, Easter is coming, which means things will only get worse.

At Red Door I asked who needed a break the most.

"Angelica needs a vacation," the shelter president told me.

Thus it is that Miss Angelica now calls my small dining-room home. (I call her Angelica Divine, because I believe every rabbit should have a tranny/stripper name.) Initially shy and skittish, Angelica D. is settling in and becoming quite the sweet girl. Like many rabbits, she's a bit territorial, and grunts if I mess with her litter box or "stuff," but she loves head rubs and has let me pick her up with no fuss, so we're on our way.

I have to keep her separated from the other two bonded rabbits, because rabbits don't take to each other all the way at first, and Leroy's exploration of her pen has led to some face-biting attempts. Amie hasn't bothered, but sits in her hutch calling, "I DON'T KNOW WHERE YOU COME FROM SISTER, BUT THERE IS NO 'BIG LOVE' IN THIS HOUSE!!!"

So I step over a large cardboard barricade that keeps the peace, and I hope for the call that says Miss Angelica has a home of her very own.

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