Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What stage is this, again?

I've finally reached that point in my unemployment that they say comes to all. The stage where rationality is thrown to the wind and all that I embrace is pure, red-hot rage.

While job hunting, I've seen postings that better suited others from my company that I knew were suited to them, so I forwarded them. Whenever I've had a job, I've kept my an eye on openings for friends. So it just chaps my ass raw that people who struggled for months and who are now employed have just dropped off the face of the earth. While unemployed, they were so big on the networking; now that they have theirs, the rest of us can apparently go to hell.

I saw a posting at a nonprofit where a former coworker had gotten a job. IN HR. And sure enough, there was her very name as the contact person, so, thinking I'd caught a break, I sent her an email. Turns out the job had just been filled, but there was a seasonal temp position coming up; did I know Raiser's Edge?

No, I didn't, but as she knew, I pick up that stuff very easily.

Oh well, that's too bad; she'll keep an eye open for me anyway should anything else come up.


First of all, nonprofits pay crap, so they don't get experienced people, so their databases CANNOT be all that hard to pick up, especially something like Raiser's Edge,which is specifically designed for donor management. And SHE KNOWs the hellish software I had to learn at our old company. RUSSIAN would have been easier to learn than this awful, awful program, but I learned it. No stupid out-of-the-box nonprofit database product could be remotely as difficult to pick up.

If it had been me, I'd suggest she come in some day and play with the software, perhaps run a tutorial, get familiar with it, then I'd put her resume in for the job. But apparently she's too busy with her upcoming wedding plans to bother with something as, oh, HELPFUL as that. Not to mention that at our company I went to bat for her to help her move within our department. Un-frikkin'-believable.

On the bright side, a woman I worked with but had not been particularly close to has remained in touch - she just got a job and still wants to get together to catch up, so I guess not everyone is a complete waste. The best part is explaining to people that you will TAKE the cut. It seems impossible to get across to people that you HAVE NO JOB. That you are not in a position to be picky.

I'm just having a hard time believing that there is nobody out there who can help me, so it feels like nobody wants to. I know this can't be true, but for crying out loud.

Now I'm trying to prepare for a workshop I'm helping with next week, and today it became clear tat we are nowhere near having the tools we need to pull this off, and I'm cutting an ulcer over looming deadlines that I will have a hard time meeting. And I have three days of babysitting ahead of me and on Friday will be up probably until midnight bringing things to FedEx and getting them shipped. I feel like crying.


SP said...

Russian's actually quite tricky. It's not Welsh, mind, but still tricky.

JC said...

You know what? DosvedanYOU.