Monday, September 28, 2009

Rabbit, a play in one act.

[Curtain opens on Exam Room 1. VET stands at the side of exam table; JOY faces her holding AMIE, a mini lop rabbit, who has tucked her nose under JOY'S chin.]

AMIE: Hey, really, we can go now; I feel a lot better. Look, look; I'm touching your chin with my nose, because I LOOOOOVE you...

VET: So what's going on?

JOY: Well, the other day I clipped her toenails, then noticed her butt was dirty, which is odd..

AMIE: Hey hey HEY, I'm right here....

JOY:... so I washed her butt in the sink.

VET: And what was the problem?

JOY: She let me.

VET: Ah.

(Stay tuned for the exciting sequel, "Results of the Blood Panel.")

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