Sunday, July 12, 2009

A man around the house....

Went to a rooftop party in Logan Square today; a former coworker and her husband were hosting it as a reunion. I got to see some people I'd worked with and liked, and it was nice to hang and chat and share battle stories. The hosting couple are very fun; they have the top condo and the entire rooftop. The husband, Sal, is in construction and had decked the entire thing and erected a gazebo. With the blue sky, the (finally) summery weather, and the top-floor breeze, it was fabulous.

The wife gave me a tour of their place, which is very nice, very large, and very well done, since Sal had made many customizations himself. Back on the deck, Sal fired up the grill and deep-fried some Tater Tots. I went to the wife.

"Your husband is awesome."

"Isn't he though? I always say, 'Everyone should have a Sal, but you can't have mine.'"

I asked for dibs on cloning. I enjoyed myself immensely and biked back home, trying to work off some of the ten pounds of food I put away.

I may hire myself out as their housekeeper.

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