Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dawn of the Furry, Manic Undead

So I've gotten a regular baby-sitting routine, which is good for the pocket money, but not good in terms of brain stimulation. The girl continues to be a perfect child, but the boy is starting to show signs of moodiness. Cries when disappointed now.

"It's like [Girl] sometimes gets mad," says their dad, "and [Boy] gets indignant."

"For him it's totally personal," I agreed.

Of course, my main behavioral background comes from working with animals, so when he cries and I know it's not diaper/food/injury, I ignore him, go into another room, and occupy myself.  I am not rewarding that behavior with attention. Today is an early day (I was here at 5:30am, no joking), so I'm a little foggy.

You would think that baby sitting for one of Chicago's top pastry chefs would be like a trip to Fantasyland, but when you have two people trying to get a business off the ground and finding themselves very busy, they don't exactly spend all kinds of time at home baking cookies. There is never any food to eat. Not that I'm looking to eat them bare, but when you've been somewhere for a few hours, you get peckish. I can usually scrounge up some Cheerios and milk, maybe some bread and peanut butter. 

Then there are the squirrels. In the office addition upstairs, the roof has been infiltrated by squirrels. This would be less disturbing if there were not already a baseball-sized hole in the wall, clearly squirrel handiwork, that has been stuffed with steel wool.  The skittering, scratching and gnawing taking place five feet above my head is kind of freaking me out; it sounds like they're either building a nest or holding a rave. I mention this to the parents, and they get this resigned look and say "Oh, I know," sheepishly. 

Have been online applying for more jobs, using more search engines, hearing nothing. Actually applied to MillerCoors as an admin, and realized too late that my autofill filled in a misspelling of my name (I tend to mistype my last name, but the browser records the mistake). I'll just explain that I was drunk on Miller Light at the time.

May be applying for mortgage relief soon, because I'm not going to take a fall while banks still cruise. And not for nothing, but I wish this administration would start kicking some serious banking ass. What the hell is up with the Dems who voted against the cramdown? What, we can't force banks to re-negotiate mortgages because -- why? Because we don't want to discourage banks from lending? Um, aren't the mortgages that would be re-negotiated the ones that the banks should never have written anyway,  the kinds of loans we DO want to discourage banks from making?

I love Obama but he and Geithner need to pull their heads out of their butts on this. 


Sanity. Where is sanity?

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