Sunday, April 12, 2009

A whole new understanding of insanity.

So I think I'm heading into the emotional roller-coaster of perimenopause. Suddenly, I just want to fight everybody. Everybody pisses me off in an unbelievable way; it's like the minute they leave my presence I began to stew and create scenarios, and I'm a monster. This is unlike my serotonin-deficit days; at least, it feels different. Back then, I knew something was wrong, even though I couldn't seem to change it through an act of will; now, I just feel righteously, remorselessly outraged and combative.

The safety is off, people.

I created a survey on our laundry room because the Board asked whether I would look into our laundry contract, which expires later this year. Being a Good Citizen, I created a survey, which I left in the laundry room for people to fill out and put into a box. It was a pleasant survey, with an informative introduction at the top. It allowed for structured data collecting as well as for open comments. There was even a place to provide identification information if you wanted to be contacted about the survey or laundry room in general.

Today I found a note from the Inevitable Psycho In Every Group, ranting about everything they don't like, about everything BUT the laundry. I went back to my condo, typed a caustic open response, and posted it, with the rant, in the laundry room. Since the person had given no contact information, I said, I had no option but to respond publicly. My favorite parting shot was an invitation to attend a well-posted monthly Board meeting to discuss their concerns, rather than barking orders at unpaid fellow residents who volunteer their time on his/her behalf with no thanks. And I gave my full name, because I want this MF to confront me. Seriously. Bring. It. ON.

Now it's time for a hot bath.

Locked and loaded...

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