Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let it be Known!

That SP is the most incredibly thoughtful friend, and although he did not make the largest single contribution to my latest charity walk, his was nonetheless very generous, and when combined with such regular presents as Freudian slippers, inflatable dragons, handmade origami cranes (100), Greek icons and a list of other things too long to name, he is in toto a most generous friend.

Which is interesting, considering he is such a wanker to me on the phone.


SP said...

You make it sound like you were prompted.

JC said...

I prefer the term "harassed."

MM said...

Oh, the bickering of old married couple is SO charming! LOL!!!
Whhops, guess I need to get back to work! LOL!!

JC said...

Yeah; SP's boyfriend loves it! NOT!!!!

Thing is, I LOVE to bicker with him. It's like our own little competitive sport.
But not a spectator sport.