Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's a Boy!

Just before my layoff, I adopted this fella here. His name is Leroy and he is extremely sweet and gentle. I got him as a companion for Amie, who, true to form, became an instant neurotic nut job when he came into the house. It's thanks to his gentle nature that they get along; she is less dominant now and seems to truly like him, although she swings between grooming him adoringly and being possessive about everything from me to the hay (NO! MINE!) When he's had enough he pushes her, which sends her to the back of the litterbox in surly submission.

"She's bipolar," I explain to friends. "She wants to be loved but doesn't know how to accept it."

We understand each other.

Leroy came from a raid in Wisconsin. His breed is Jersey Wooley; he needs to be groomed regularly, but is very tolerant of it so it's no big deal. He has no bad habits, is great with the litterbox (with or without crazed gargoyle mini-lop in residence), and is a great little guy. He seems happy with us; he likes to dance around the living room. He's even begun responding to his name.


SP said...

You house-trained your rabbits?

JC said...

Sounds better than housebroken.
And also means I had more success with them than with you.

SP said...


JC said...

Is that Welsh for "you are the most interesting and compassionate best friend ever"?