Sunday, March 8, 2009

Coffee Shop, Chez Moi.

OK. So here's what's been going on:

Got laid off. Fine.
tried to sign up with the Illinois Dept of Employment Services (IDES), but they don't recognize Mac browsers (WTF?!?!?). Send out a request to neighbors for use of anyone's PC, and one guy who was home said sue, come on over. So I did.

Sitting at his PC laptop, trying to register with IDES; horribly slow. While waiting, idly looking at the screen, to where his Favorites list was open: various industry sites, blah, blah.

Then froze when I saw "Porn pay per view." Seriously; who bookmarks porn AS porn?

Of course my mind flashed through the fact that this guys watches porn on his laptop. On the laptop I'm now using. The connections clicked: porn, laptop, ick, keypad, ICK.

I looked at the keypad. All was fine. No telltale residual ickiness.

IDES kept booting me out, so i resigned myself to going to the office. Thanked neighbor, went to my apartment, washed hands thoroughly.

Signed up at IDES. Not bad, actually.

Signed up with new recruiter. They have you update and check in online. They only support Windows IE. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

For the first time, considered leaving this stinking Midwestern hellhole of undereducated, fur-wearing, cigarette-smoking Neanderthals living in the backwoods of parochialism. Reminded myself that I was just having a bad day.

Went to library, reserved a PC, signed in. Went to recruiter to interview later that week. Not encouraged. Resented being judged by a dark-haired woman with horrible peroxide streaks in her long, stringy perm.

Checked in with long-time recruiter. Nothing.

Got Certificate of Elevation FINALLY from surveyor; called my lender to see about reducing my flood-insurance premium; was told they do no underwriting so I'd be better off using it to get my own policy and have existing one canceled. Surveyor's delay has cost me about three hundred dollars in premiums. Will have to come up with $500 for new premium before other can be canceled. If I'm lucky. Emailed C of E to insurance agent to request quote.

Went to put window-washer fluid in my car. Reservoir broken; poured straight through to street. Nice.

Friday spent 5 hours online job-hunting. Nothing. Nothing remotely paying what I can afford to live on. Reminded myself that I don't need a ton of good jobs, just one. Saw an ad for a company that provides extras for movies. Hit Apply; a woman appeared on my screen, and said HELLO1 ARE YOU LOOKING TO GET INTO THE MOVIES? WE ARE LOOKING FOR MEN AND WOMAN AGES..." I frantically hit the volume button on my laptop, all the while making a "Whoa, where did THAT come from?" face for the benefit of the other patrons who got to hear.

Came home to find a letter from IDES telling me when I have to call next, and letting me know my weekly benefit. First piece of good news: it will cover my mortgage and monthly assessment. My severance will have to cover the rest. I calculate I can make 4-5 months with no income if I am very, very frugal, and nobody gets sick.

Went to First Friday Swing, felt sick an hour in, came home. Nasty cold moved in quickly,complete with bloody throat goo. NICE. Went to bed, dragged myself next morning to Condo Board meeting. Was annoyed by the people who usually annoy me, but that's OK.

Back to bed, then hair appointment, then back home. Modem not working. Nice.

Made list of tasks to do, spat up more phlegm, organized mail, watched The Abominable Dr Phibes on TV, marveling that such a cheesy movie frightened me so much as a child. God, I love Vincent Price.

Woke up today, spat up more phlegm, called tech support for my modem, and got an honest-to-God Mexican-American. Philip, who grew up in Mexicali and now lives in Death Valley (location, location, location...). maybe it's just the recession, but I was excited that I was actually talking to an American. Or maybe it's the head cold.

My modem is among those identified as a Known Issue, so I'm getting a new one. In the meantime, I'm back at the cafe, about to go home and make some banana bread (I've become a fan of the marked-down fruit rack at Rogers Park Fruit Market). tomorrow I have to get a new inner tube for one of my bikes so that I can travel for free.

Times are tough, jobs are crappy, but I can do this. I can take part-time work, if things look like they are going that way.

Yes I can.


SP said...

I was going to make some joke about the ides of March, but I can't think of a good way. So this will have to suffice.

JC said...

Believe me, it has been on my mind.

"ET TU, MODEM?!?!?!"