Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Yesterday was the last class of my second 4-week swing lesson. We all headed over to Fizz afterward for the Monday Swing Dance and Level I Swing graduation.

I danced with some of my classmates; we hung together. When you're a novice, you tend to be insecure about your abilities with an unknown partner. One of my classmates is a good leader, and we did pretty darn well. Another classmate and I danced - he's fun, but he whips me at arm's length all over the place, so there were a few unfortunate collisions on the crowded floor. It was fun nevertheless, and I learned that I'm not a bad dancer! There were lots of really experienced dancers, including those doing the Holy Grail of swing: Lindy Hop. One of the guys runs the Swingers Ball, and he and his partner were amazing to watch. I have to get through two more Level 2 swing lessons before I can take Lindy, and I can wait, because I'm so not ready.

I want to try and organize some practice sessions during the week with some classmates; dancing the steps alone to "Ain't Nobody Here But us Chickens" over and over isn't getting me as far along as I'd like, and the cats find it bizarre.


SP said...

Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens?!? What the...?

JC said...

It's a classic! Oh, I see a birthday present coming!

SP said...

I don't want it.

JC said...

When has that ever mattered?