Thursday, February 19, 2009


SP is always calling to tell me of a dish he's made or tried; when I'm not home he leaves me voice mails that go something like:

"Ok, try this. Take a rutabaga, boil it, then mash it with a little butter, a little vanilla, and a little pepper. Delicious."

"Page 36, Vegetarian Planet. OH! So good."

The other day I got a call at work:

"You know what's the best thing? Toast."

Mayonnaise is also high on SP's list of ambrosial foods.

SP loves food, so when he shares these things it feels personal, and sweet.

I never seem to have the time that SP has to dedicate myself to cooking, so my meals tend to be things like microwaved potatoes or steamed cauliflower or homemade guacamole with corn chips.

SP is hands-down the best cook I've ever known; I miss being spoiled by his meals.

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