Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rachel Getting Married

Saw this tonight with my friend G. I'd wanted to see it, but with one thing or another had waited too long until the only place playing it was a theater in the same building as Second City. I arrived early and so sat in the Starbucks there, and called G to let her know where I was.

"I'm sitting to the left of the counter. I'm the only one not writing a screenplay or trying to look cute."

So we had dinner and saw the movie.

Seriously, are all the film critics this year graduates of The Emperor's School of Journalism and New Clothing? When I wasn't irritated, I was bored. Come to think of it, being bored made me irritated, so I guess I was always irritated, punctuated by long stretches of boredom.

"I just wanted to slap her," G said as we left.

"Hard, and repeatedly," I said.

The formula is basically about breathless self-centeredness (to put it into persepctive: Rachel was getting married, and she was not the self-involved one; when does that happen?), and everyone tearing each other up with their regrets for Things They Can Never Undo, and then fighting, and then hugging, and then tearing up, and then starting all over again. The family seems to have a ridiculous amount of money, and the wedding couple, an infinite supply of Interesting Multicultural Friends (Oh, look! Brazilian Dancing Girls happen to stop by during he celebrations! How Merry!) Not to mention Robyn Hitchcock and Sister Carol East doing a couple of numbers at the reception.

Seriously, it was completely missable.


SP said...

I kind of want to see this now.

JC said...

You know what? You should. In fact, you should see it as a double feature with Mamma Mia!