Friday, December 12, 2008

So young. So old.

Today saw more layoffs at my company. One of the people let go, A--, is a woman in a neighboring department with whom I've enjoyed a very nice working relationship, and it was sad to see her go. She had been mentoring one of the interns, a 13-year-old girl who was in today, and who took her mentor's leaving very hard. A-- asked me to look out for her and make sure she had some guidance today.

I took the very sad girl under my wing, and gave her some stuff to keep her busy. She did her stint at reception, which she usually loves, with a very long face. I asked her whether she was reading The Odyssey, as the other intern was.

"I've already read it," she said. "I loved it."

And at last, we were off. We talked about all the exciting parts, and she commented that the men where all philanderers. She actually used that word.

"We're going to take parts of it and do it as a play."


"Believe it or not, we did that same thing in college," I said. "I played Athena."

She loves Greek mythology, and I shared that I couldn't get enough of it when I was her age. So she promised to bring in the script and I promised to bring in photos of my stint as Athena.

She has a homecoming dance on Saturday, and as she was leaving, I noticed a huge moon out the window. I brought her into my boss's old office and showed her the huge moon over the lake and the city. She was impressed.

"Full moon," I said, as I walked her toward reception. "You never know what will happen at the dance!"

She suddenly stopped. Deadly serious, she said, "There's something I have to tell you."

I stopped. Crap. I was sure she was going to tell me she didn't want to come back. I prepared myself to reason with her that it was important that she finish her year out, that she'd be fine, she wouldn't be left alone.

"What is it?" I asked calmly.

She looked me in the eye. Very, very serious.

"I don't believe in love."


SP said...

You were who? Athena? HaHAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahAAAAAAAAA.

JC said...

I was first in the program, under "The Immortals."

I had a spear. I flew.

Live in awe.