Thursday, December 25, 2008

I wonder what Dev Patel would look like in a big red bow?

Christmas: car frozen in, no trip to 'burbs. Public transportation to see a movie- Slumdog Millionaire. Very good. Lost cell phone, probably in theater - voice service on land line down; called theater from neighbor's (am cat-sitting); no phone turned in, but I told them where I was sitting, which fortunately was at the very back of the theater. They will leave a message on cell voicemail number; I can check that from neighbor's.

Home, sorting through desk, general clearing up.


Looking forward to tomorrow.


SP said...

I know someone whose daughter goes to the same school as Dev Patel. Oh, and he's like 18. What is WRONG with you?

JC said...

Here we call 18 legal, mate.