Saturday, November 22, 2008


B and I were in my car today driving to the DIY Craft Fair.

B: "So I was thinking of seeing Twilight. I've read the books, and they're not too bad. You know, for what they are. I was just..."

I figured I'd let her off the hook.

"I'll go with you."

B: "OhmyGod, REALLY?"

Me: "Sure. What the hell. I can see what the 13-year-old intern at our office is all crazed about. Although from the trailers I've heard, I find the guy's dialogue a bit precocious for a high-school student."

B: "Well, he's actually 108 years old."

Me: "And nobody finds it just a little bit creepy that a 108-year-old guy is attracted to a girl just into puberty? Oh. Right. This is targeted at 13-year-old girls. They always think they're more mature than people give them credit for."

B: "Exactly. And I want to make sure we go when there's a theater full of teenage girls."

Me: "Let's go drunk."


sp said...

This is going to be ugly.

JC said...

It will be a theater full of squealing fans wearing too much perfume and obsessed with how they look.

Having seen Mommie Dearest in a theater full of gay men, I'm more than prepared.

sp said...

No, I meant you drunk in a theater as above.

JC said...

Again, I refer you to the gay men.