Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What I do for teeth.

So after weeks of minimal response from The Hungarian, he finally phoned me to confirm my plans. This constituted confirming my travel to the town where the clinic was, the booking of my room, and expressing concern over the itinerary I sent THREE WEEKS AGO.

Basically, past an initial email about my trip, he has paid no attention to the travel plans and extensive communication I'd sent about travel plans for SP, AN and myself. Having barely gotten a confirmation from his assistant that the arrival/departure times we needed to nail down for our flights would work, we proceeded to book hotels in Budapest and Vienna, and Budapest again.

Well, he's booked me into the clinic in Gyor, because I'd initially said I'd go there, although everything I sent and discussed subsequently indicated I'd decided on the Budapest clinic instead. But no, it's in Gyor. And there's a festival. And rooms are booked. And he waited until the last minute and didn't acknowledge that I'm traveling with friends. The main bone of contention is how much I have to hang around; my contact tells me that he and my dentist agree I need to stay available "for my safety." I'm having crowns made; I'm not having any procedure, so I have to wonder if he even knows what the hell is going on.

SP, ever my protector, went into action. He called the Hungarian embassy in Britain and asked them to investigate the company, then proceeded to do an extensive Internet search where he found legitimate articles on my contact and his business. Satisfied that this is a legitimate concern with someone who is just not good at customer service, we decided to proceed with plans.

SP and AN are being very understanding and accommodating, which I appreciate greatly, because I am incredibly stressed. Tomorrow morning I need to call Hungary to confirm some things so that we can make our final travel plans. SP is being game and finding fun things to do in Gyor. Have I mentioned that I have the best Best Friend ever? And he has the best Boyfriend ever?

But I still can't shake the feeling that this is Egypt all over again, only with a different accent.


SP said...

I wonder if they booked you for breast implants by mistake...

JC said...

1. You spend way too much time thinking about my breasts.

2. Call your plastic-surgeon friend in Brazil and see whether my name rings a bell.

sp said...

I did! I got complementary nose jobs for AN and me!! I am going to get Tonya Harding's nose, AN is getting Bjork's.

JC said...

Does that mean that An will sing like a retarded 6-year-old?