Saturday, October 4, 2008

Come ON, Media!

I was discussing with a co-worker my disbelief that the majority of media reviews after the VP debate referred to Palin as having done a very good job at being "substantive" and overall coming across really well.

"Am I the only one," I asked, "who could see the hand shoved up her ass making her mouth move? Am I the only one who recognized clearly rehearsed and coached recitations offered instead of answers? Babbled platitudes instead of strategy? Folksy bullshit in place of real policy? Manic recitations of words such as "Maverick" "Ahmadinejad" (she loves that especially; my theory is that it took her a lot of practice to get it right, and she's proud to talk like a Big Girl now) and "American People"?

"I think," said my co-worker, "that the bar has been set so low that the media are impressed that she's finally speaking in complete sentences."


Andrew said...

Yes ... and if you need photographic evidence they have released a photo of Palin rehearsing ...

JC said...

Well, they all rehearse, they all prepare. It's a debate, you have limited amount of time, so you want to make sure your answers are properly worded to convey your message as well as possible. There's nothing wring with that, unless your coaching consists of being taught to say what you are supposed to believe, or to cover up the fact that your level of awareness is inadequate to the job you seek.