Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Seriously; is the universe messing with me?

One of the biggest frustrations of my job is the lack of simple communication channels and training at this very large company. The result is that as I've become more proficient at what I do, and because I am a good communicator, I've started to develop a reputation as The Person To Call, no matter what the question. From Florida, Minnesota, Phoenix, they call. From Philadelphia, Seattle, Irvine.

"Who signs these plats? How do I find out who's managing a lease? How do I get hold of our Articles of Incorporation? Why is my coding not working? How do I know what project this legal invoice is for? If we don't use a GC, how do I get my lien waivers reviewed? What' s the policy for transitioning a property to Operations?"

Never mind that my job is to simply facilitate the payment of a single type of construction project. It's insane.

So I had to start wondering whether there was a cosmic conspiracy when I came home last night to a voicemail from a woman asking whether she needs to register with me for the event at the Edgewater Public Library (?!?!)

Tonight my conspiracy theory gained momentum when I got a message from a woman who'd been given my name and number by someone in the Housing Department of the City of Evanston, who seems to think I work for the local CDC. Apparently I can help her with her low-income condo and the impending water shut-off. I called the woman and explained that my only association with the CDC had been working with them to plant a garden. I gave her the correct number to call, after getting the contact info. of the woman who's giving out my name.

We'll talk tomorrow. Unless I'm busy running city government. You never know.

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