Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fame is thrust upon my nostril.

When I lived in Vermont, a local paper published an angry letter I wrote in protest of some farmers' practice of docking cows' tails. I was very impressed at seeing my eloquence, my righteous passion, in print for all to see and be inspired by.

15 years later, and I made an online comment to a Dan Savage column, thinking it was just part of a general chat response online. Today I opened this week's Reader and discovered that web comments are now included in the Letters section. It seems my response was chosen from among many others as especially relevant and worthy of print. My topic? Gandhi.

And anal sex.

Yeah. The thing is, the language one uses when posting to a Dan Savage site is -- well, shall we say-- more "earthy" than the language one uses when hoping to be published in the "Letters to the Editor" page? Thankfully, there is no attribution with the web entries.


SP said...

I'll attribute it in my comment to your comment. If only one could find it on their website in the letters section.

JC said...

Your envy is so ugly.

SP said...

You're 22. What do you know about life?

JC said...

The answer is Jane Goodall.