Thursday, June 26, 2008

OK, more than 24 hours.

There was a time when a delay to the tune of over 6 hours' wait due to:

taking too long to load the plane, thus missing you assigned takeoff window, then
discovering a fuel leak, which turns out to be a hydraulic leak, then
an extended wait for the necessry repar part to arrive, then
needing a new cabin crew, and waiting for them for over an hour

would merit some kind of compensation, or at the very least something other than a ten-pound dining voucher. SP's ex, aka "the pit bull," is probably reaming out BA as I type, trying to get SP and AN a hundred thousand miles' credit each. SP got so annoyed with the customer-service rep that the rep stopped speaking to him.

How pathetic is it that departure/arrival times are now simply a guideline, a suggestion? How often do you really expect to meet people at the aiport at the same time their original booking says they'll be there?

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