Tuesday, May 27, 2008


My online weather report said today was supposed to be warm, so I was looking forward to biking to work. I'd recovered form my wedding dancing and had spent a good deal of Sunday and Monday on my bicycle, getting around town, seeing a movie, making a stop at The Dairy Queen on Southport.

Had a very hard time falling asleep last night, and woke very groggy to the alarm. As I lay in bed I could hear the waves crashing on Lake Michigan.

"That sounds windy," I thought.

The sky was grey, and the radio said it was 41 degrees out. 41. It had been 81 yesterday.

So I took the El into work, tired, but what' s new.

At my stop I got off, and as I descended the stairs to the sidewalk, a spasm like I'd never had in my life tore into the large muscle on the left side of my back. It was a horrible, burning, pulling sensation that flashed across my entire back like a branding iron. I slowly moved to the buildings at the side of the sidewalk, and tried to alleviate the pain by bending over. Now, it was rush hour, and there were lots of people, and I really didn't want to call attention to myself, so I stepped into a building corner and pretended to do something to my boots. Slowly, I stood up. WHAM. Nope. Bent over a little, I decided to see whether this would work, but as I passed a window and got a glimpse of myself I could see I looked anything but unobtrusive.

I finally settled on standing straight with both arms bent behind my back as far as they could go. Made using my transponder ID card a bit tricky in my building, but I got through it, got to my desk at last, and sat down. I had no medicine on me, but the pain subsided. I called SP to tell him of my morning adventure, and started laughing about it, which only made it worse. Eventually the pain went away and I felt somewhat normal, although I will be taking a hot bath tonight and downing some muscle relaxants before going to bed.

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