Saturday, May 10, 2008

Quick update

Am STILL trying to get settled into the new place. I've moved living room furniture around about seven times. I think I'm done. The place is open but small, and it's been a challenge to fit things in without the place feeling jammed. Today I bought a bookcase from The Salvation Army (delivered by their guy, Richie, for a mere $25), which allowed me to get all of my office crap out of boxes and off the floor. I have to throw more stuff out, that much is clear. I've donated/recycled a lot of stuff, but I need to simplify more.

I love the laundry room - lots of washers and dryers, including a large washer and a large dryer; perfect for rabbit rugs and misc. blankets.

My plumbing is dodgy - water is either really hot or tepid. Showering has all the uncertainty of dorm life.

Saw some cops running out of my building the other day.

The landscape trees are in bloom; they are gorgeous.

Have befriended several neighbor cats.

Continue to work on the local Metra garden project., Am losing enthusiasm as the power struggles continue. (One party is head of the local CDC; he;s a bit of a control freak. Wants to direct me in managing volunteers. Basically, I stepped up to manage volunteers, but he won't agree to let me manage them the way I want to. I just said, "OK," and have decided that since this is not my job, I don't have to care. And I don't, really.) Do love working with people on the urban farm; they are very cool, fun folks.

Very tired. 'night.


SP said...

"Do love working with people on the urban farm; they are very cool, fun folks."

Yeah, but are there piggies?

JC said...

No piggies.That's good, I suppose; not too many others besides us who keep piggies for much other than..well, you know. An Indrew Kiss.

Will be taking a 4-day intensive Intro to Permaculture course this summer; I will be visiting a farm where there are piggies. I'm working on how to sneak them into my car....

SP said...

I would love to have some piggies, if it weren't for Indrew...

JC said...

And he already has you.