Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random Tuesday

Conference call with regional admins over a new Chart of Accounts. One mentioned that she "didn't have time" to make sure she was coding invoices to budgeted line items. I mouthed "this is my day, every day" to my boss, untangled a convoluted discussion about allocation, and then went back to my desk. Several phone calls from SP, who was home again today nursing The Elbow, and who called in to give me quotes about the current state of affairs of Bear Stearns and the nations's economic health in general.

"Did you know, that, according to George Bush, 'America's economy is strong'?" he cackled into my ear.

Lunch was a falafel sandwich from across the street, eating with a co-worker in a conference room and staring out at the wide, wide prairie grey with rain and fog.

Back to my desk, where a recording of "Je T'aime" was waiting for me on my voicemail. SP was apparently very, very, bored.

More convoluted conversations with various and sundry about contracts and budgets and accruals and cash flow. To keep my sanity I would take a break from time to time, wander the halls, and sing whatever came into my head. I followed one coworker, Ben, singing (what else), "Ben."

I think he was a little freaked out.

After work to Helena to have a facial and eyelash tinting. Then home to find Rudy staggering again. Crap. Gave him his meds, fed everyone, returned a call to friend B, whose fiance is going to a Zombie party on Sunday.

"He's going to a zombie party on Easter?" I asked.

"Yeah. It's the whole undead theme. Get it?"


"How old is he again...?"

"Yeah. I know. Why don't you and I do brunch."

Tomorrow morning is the reinspect of my condo. Early. Time for bed.

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