Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Drunk Bunny?

Last week I noticed that Rudy seemed to sway a bit when he was standing, and he seemed a little clumsy: slipping on the hardwood floor, stumbling when he took a turn.

By Sunday it was clear that something was up; his stumbling was pronounced, and when he went to eat some hay he fell forward onto his face. When he was younger he'd tested positive to exposure to a parasite that can manifest in older rabbits as neurological issues, including hindquarter paralysis, so I was concerned that this might be the case. If it were, I would just have to change his habitat to accommodate him, but it's still a disturbing thought.

So Monday found us at the vet, opening the place, waiting for the arrival of the rabbit vet, and watching the reception-area turtle get her morning vegetables.

Of course Rudy didn't stumble for the vet, but they did find what appeared to be an ear infection, so Rudy's on oral antibiotics and topical antibiotics that I squirt into his ear. He loves the oral med; it's a liquid that tastes like fruit. The ear meds, not so popular. I've confined him to the hutch to keep him from hurting himself, but he seems to be getting a bit better. He's very good about me messing with his ears, but then he's always been a sweet boy.

Amie continues to be ever-so-curious about everything, and vacillates wildly from moment to moment between attention-seeking and shyness ("Hi! It's me! Love me! Wait- don't pat me yet! NO! NO NO NO! Oh, OK; that's nice. Hey! Do it again! Wait!")

I think that in the new place they will have the hutch and the pen in the living room. All Bunny, all the time.


SP said...

They have a turtle?

JC said...

Gussie. She has a heated aquarium with sphagnum moss, a faux-log refuge to hide in, a rock to lie on, and a dish of water. She's pretty, and very shy. She's about 20 years old.