Monday, March 24, 2008

Campbell by the Sea -er, Lake.

Closed on the condo this morning. All went smoothly, and I actually walked away with cash as a result of the seller's credit. Went to the place tonight with my friend B-- to do some measuring and found a bottle of champagne and a "welcome home" card in the fridge from the seller. Somewhat different from the closing E and I went to, where I went to the Women's room and returned to find the two attorneys screaming at each other.

B-- proclaimed the place "very cute" but I can see she's dubious about the size -- it is not big. It's not minuscule either, but if one is a clutterbug one would be screwed. Fortunately, I am not a pack rat and I plan on buying plenty of sensible furniture (cabinets, bookshelves) to consolidate things. It's a totally charming place, and I think I can make it a good home for myself. I'm meeting with a renovation person tomorrow night to start getting quotes on things.

I've already picked out paint colors.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I am very excited for you.

I hope I can make it out to Chicago sometime for a visit.

JC said...

Thanks! If you come in the summer, you can hang out on the beach. Which is right outside my door. :-)

SP said...

You should probably mention that it's a rather unfashionable beach.

JC said...

By "unfashionable," of course, SP means it's not crawling with gay men with Burberry backpacks slung over their waxed torsos, wearing Pistol Pete push-up swim briefs designed to lure the well-heeled sugar daddys in the proximate Gold Coast luxury condos into a bit of Anonymous Afternoon Delight.

I may survive.