Monday, December 31, 2007

SO close.

Called my brother before Christmas to catch up and chat.

"What's been happening?" he asked.

"I saw two good movies this week," I said.

(I should mention here that my family never - NEVER watches any movies I suggest. I'm not even sure they watch the DVDs I buy them as gifts. It's not as if we're talking The Tin Drum or The Seventh Seal; I get them things like The Usual Suspects or Fargo. But if they haven't heard of it, it doesn't get watched.)

"Really? What?" he asked.

"Well, first I saw No Country for Old Men -"

"Wasn't that AWESOME?!?"

I was stunned into silence.

"J--[his wife] and I saw that. That was a wicked cool movie!"

We talked about it a bit; then I mentioned that I'd also seen I Am Legend.

"We saw that one too! That was really good too! Hey, J-- my sister saw the same two movies we did this week.!"

I was about to mention that it was the second remake, and that there had been a remake in the seventies that was very good--"

"It's The Omega Man. I loved that movie; one of my favorites," my brother declared.

"You remember The Omega Man?" I'd seen the movie on TV when I was ten and absolutely loved it. He'd clearly seen it later on; I know I'd seen it more than once on TV..

"Yeah; that was a wicked cool movie."

I was dizzy with this unexpected connection. We had seen not one, but TWO of the same movies in a single week, we'd both loved them, and it turns out that we shared a favorite childhood movie as well.

This could be the start of a whole new bonded-sibling era...

"The next movie I'm seeing is Alien vs Predator II" came my brother's voice over the phone.

Or maybe not.


SP said...

I LOVED Alien vs Predator II. SO much better than Alien vs Predator I. Tell your brother to call me ANY time.

JC said...

My brother is also rampantly homophobic.

So if you call, make sure to conference me in.