Wednesday, December 5, 2007

London: Sunday -- Day 5: Departure

Up, packed, and ready to go. Andrew picked us up and we drove to Heathrow. It was the first time I'd not taken the Tube to Heathrow, and it was odd to see it from the outside. I'd had such a great time and I hated to leave my Sven, but it was time to head back to work and the critters and my life in the U.S.

Hugs all around, and then I was in the air, flying back. I landed and miraculously found my car and drove home, where a voicemail awaited me from Sven and Andrew. Awwww. It was nice to hear some familiar voices, especially since I missed them terribly already.

I had no groceries so I drove to Whole Foods. As I stood in line I thought,

"I was in London this morning."

I'd had the best time.


SP said...

Did you run into Gwyneth Paltrow at Whole Foods?

JC said...

Yes! She showed me where the baked tofu is.