Sunday, December 9, 2007

Latkes with the Lesbians

I was invited over to latkes and the lighting of the Hannukkah candles this evening by my neighbors, one of whom is Jewish ("I'm not so much a religious Jew as an Ethnic Jew.")

Sitting on the couch, we discussed dating and the pickings:

B: "Honey, if I dated boys, I don't know what I'd do."

Me: "You'd give up with no regret. Trust me."

D: Latke Time!

All: COOL!


SP said...

Admit it! You're an ethnic lesbian.

JC said...

I am! I'm a total lesbian. Without the being attracted to women part.

SP said...

I am going to send you some kinte cloth so you can make yourself a dashiki.

JC said...

No, these are more butch lesbians. No pseudo-ethnic/solidarity crap. These are law students, ACLU workers. You know; bright, fun, and in their thirties, which means they're the kind of lesbians who don't have sex with men.

A quote from B: "the state of the butch lesbian is dire."

She also says I'm more of a cultural lesbian than an ethnic one. If I were an ethnic lesbian, apparently, I'd need to have a parade.

"I'm here; I'm not really queer..."

SP said...

You know who YOU are! Charlotte and the power lesbians. Meet you at the G-spot tonight.

JC said...

These gals would go to G-Spot just to make fun of the people there.

These are unlike most lesbians I've met: they don't try to insist that I must be gay, they actually have straight friends of both sexes, and they don't sleep with boys.

So basically, they're me.