Saturday, November 24, 2007

Homeward Bound-Cheerio and Farewell

Well, I'm just about adjusted to the time difference, which means it's time to head back home. I have had such a wonderful time here with my Very Best Friend and his Very Best LAHver! (TM) Indrew. They have spoiled me rotten, taken me to historic places (Salisbury to see the Magna Carta, Oxford to see spires and shrunken heads, and North London to see IKEA), and I am very sad and sorry to say goodbye. My one consolation is that I will soon see my furry purry pile of love when I get home.

The Best Time Ever!!!!!!!!!

I will catch up on details once I am back home. With Pictures!


SP said...

Shouldn't you be home by now?

JC said...

Yes and I'm tired and figuring out how to use iPhoto, and keeping that rabbit monkey off the table.

SP said...

THIS is the details you're offering your avid readership?