Sunday, October 7, 2007

Weekend Time is Warp Speed

Got up Saturday morning and biked to glass class, where I pieced together a panel from all my scrap glass. Then back to Andersonville to check out the art walk, home to toss a load of laundry in, then to Sine Qua non to have my hair cut by the fabulous Summer, stopping along the way to have a sfogliatele at the new hot Andersonville Italian bakery. Closer to the salon, had a late lunch at a new Thai place that served solid if uninspiring fare with the earnestness of a family business wanting desperately to create clients.

Spent the better part of the next hour chatting with Summer as she cut my hair, then chatting with two front-desk staff members, who as it turned out also came here from the East Coast, and who also live in Andersonvbille ("A-ville" to us locals).

Biked to Whole Foods, got some groceries, then home to clean, eat, and watch "Sex & The City" on DVD (third season.)

Stayed up until about 1:30am talking to Muriel and keeping her company as she drove home to PA from DC after meeting people for a birthday party.

Got up this morning, biked to Pauline's in West Andersonville, where I had some pancakes and watched a young married couple sit in a booth side by side, staring into space and saying nothing to each other. Not angry; just clearly had nothing to say. Stopped next door to talk to Barbara as she opened Painted Light, picked up a Ravenswood Art Walk map, and biked along Ravenswood, checking out various art studios along the way.

Then to The Athenaeum to meet Lauri and see Sansculottes' Rhinofest contribution, My Pants Are Fire, a very funny-one act consisting of two men sitting without trousers and reciting "passages" from books they held. Think a surrealist Edward Gorey play.

Said goodbye to Lauri and biked to Lincoln Square, ate a panino from Feed the Beast, then caught Eastern Promises at the Davis. (Very good.) Back home to do some ironing, clean up in preparation for next week, and now am watching Predator ("Depredador") in Spanish on Telemundo ("Si tiene sangre, podemos matarlo.")

Weekends are just too short.


dp said...

...I've never understood this, either... There must be some sort of high tech formula that makes a weekend seem to last a few hours, but the WORK week seems to last substantially more than 5 days...

JC said...

Each work week is three times the length of my life.