Sunday, September 30, 2007

Shopping By Numbers

Today Beth and I took to the streets on this gorgeous day to hit some thrift stores.

Two women, six hours, two stores. It was great. I hadn't gone clothes shopping with another woman in years, and it was nice to have someone I know give me feedback, rather than asking strange women of indeterminate taste what they thought of something on me.

We passed through Andersonville then headed south and west to Uptown. As we passed the winos and etc., and Beth vocalized a thought I'd had from time to time.

"Uptown is my last great hope," she said. "I need it to stay shitty just long enough for me to afford to buy here in a year or so, THEN start to improve. Then I can live in a vintage two-flat close to the Green Mill and hang out there whenever I want."

End of the day: three bags, eighty-one dollars.


SP said...

Since when is Uptown southwest of Andersonville?

JC said...

SouthEAST. My mistake, Mr. Map.

Didn't you used to live in Uptown? Briefly? I recall there was a cellphone-reception issue...

Anonymous said...

Yes. Which is why I know it's southeast and not southwest. Southwest is Sheridan Park.

JC said...

Yes, I keep tripping over all the plaques pronouncing that "Sven slept here."