Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day

Know what's cool about a three-day weekend?

It's followed by a four-day work week.

Sven called at 7am to tell me about his latest endeavor, and after about three minutes of me mumbling incoherently into the phone realized that today is a holiday in the U.S. and that he did not, in fact, catch me just before I headed off to work.

(I am still wrestling with insomnia, so I was a bit pooped.)

Today was nice and hot, so I took a bike ride around. I'm on a very tight budget the next couple of weeks so I confined my revelry to a bagel at Einstein Bros. and a Viennese Iced coffee at Julius Meinl. I am now contemplating checking out the local Dawghaus Cafe for their dusk showing of the movie "Hair." Ah, Treat Williams.

The Cubs had a game today so the streets were jammed with traffic, which was being managed by the women hired by the city to handle such things. Man, they put the Just in Justice. Watch them in action for five minutes, and every aggravating move you've suffered at the hands of every clueless driver is vindicated. They yell, they scream, they tell drivers in no uncertain terms why they are pathetic and need to move NOW. I love them.

But I don't love Cubs traffic or crowds, which were all around even though I was still many blocks north of Wrigley Field.

I popped into a local cemetery, a rather old, poor but quaint place recently featured in the Chicago Reader. Here, I strolled my bike through the paths, taking pictures and Getting Away From It All. Away from the crowds of fat people in their blue-and-red shirts and caps, the honking horns of exuberant fans, the general Cubs/baseball insanity.

And then there it was; the husband-wife headstones: carved hearts joined.

Truly, it is a sickness here.

So my three-day weekend, while relaxing, wasn't all I'd hoped. I did get to have dinner on Friday with K--and his brother - K and I worked together in Boston and he was home visiting family. We had Ethiopian at Ras Dashen. MMMM....

Other than that...there weren't any good movies playing, and I didn't want to spend the gas on a road trip (gas here is about $3.26 per gallon. YIPES.) So it was off to the cemetery for me, for some rocking good times with the departed. I've been feeling ill - headache, chest pains (my bp is wickedly low - 96/60 - so no stroke fears there), so I came home and in a giant leap of optimism joined a vegetarian dating site.

And I may join another!

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