Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What I love

The blue-silver of the lake in the morning as I ride to work. The nice guy in the lobby convenience store who sells me my bagels every day. The building delivery people who say good night as I pass their office with my bike on the way out. Dunkin' Donuts signs. The view of the lake and Buckingham Fountain from my boss' office. Falafel from Petra. The chocolate in Mary's office. Giving crap to the HR head for fun, and vice-versa. Farmers' markets. Garden tomatoes and herbs from Amy. Blue ink. Bungee cords. Turning the bend on the bike path and seeing the city magically appear. Phone calls from Sven. Public water fountains. People who say "good morning" as they pass me on the path. A good book and a coffee shop. Jam. My neighbors' cats greeting me in my yard. The feel of flying when I bike through the city. The smell of my tomato plants. Morning glories everywhere. The spiders living in webs by my basement door. Moss. The sound of rain outside my bedroom window. Novena candles, "Maria Milagrosa" in particular. The Dolby vibration of cicadas. Jenny G's compilations on my stereo. Candles on my back porch. The moist velvet of a rabbit nose nudging my ankle. Swedish pancakes at Svea. A thin, potent smoke ribbon of Nag Champa incense. Cotton pajamas after a good shower. Falling asleep with Harry's head on my shoulder.


SP said...

You forgot whiskers on kittens AND the present you're going to get from Vienna!

JC said... make up for your guilt of Shunning me.

-Amish Girl

SP said...

Well, you just weren't invited. That's all there is to it.