Sunday, August 26, 2007

After reading the hundredth craigslist personal ad by men looking to "$upport a $truggling college $tudent," whining about where the "fun girls who just want to have non-serious sex" are, looking for someone to come to their apartment "for some 420 and sex," coming to town for the weekend and looking to "have some fun," seeking an NSA situation with another "married but unsatisfied," person, seeking to bury their face in strange crotch, lick strangers' feet, etc. etc., et-sleaze-cetera, I'd had it.

I posted an ad suggesting that all these losers realize that the uninhibited, promiscuous women who would put out for them without question already exist; they're called hookers, so maybe these cheap-ass jerks should just Google some escort services instead of wasting everyone's time.

My ad was removed for inappropriate content.

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SP said...

Ha HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ha ha hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.