Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Itchy Feet?

So lately an interesting thought has peen quietly popping into my mind. It's actually a question:

"What's the next city?"



Anonymous said...

denver! not that I've ever been there. But the mayor's last name is Hickenlooper, that's got to count for something.

-kb in boston

JC said...

Thanks for the tip, KB, but I have indeed been to Denver. While Sven and I were making a cross-country trip by Amtrack (the most hellish form of transportation EVER), we were supposed to change trains in Denver. Our tickets said we arrived at noon and departed at 2pm. We ran through the city trying to find food and finally settled on yogurt and granola form one fo the rfew places that was open (it was Sunday). We dashed back to the statin to discooer it deserted. We were indeed scheduled to leave at 2pm...the next day.

So there we were, stranded in Denver with no place to stay, no plan, nothing, Hostels were full, so we ended up getting a room at the YMCA. Yeah. It was us and the semi-indigent. Good, good times.

So I've kind of done Denver, and really, it;s not worth revisting. But thanks for the thought! Keep 'em coming!

Next week I go to the Kickapoo Fair in LaFarge WI, a sort of green fair sponsored by Organic Valley (as in THE Organic Valley you see in your grocery store). Who knows; maybe I'll end up on a farm in Wisconsin...fingers crossed for a strapping organic farmer looking for a sturdy wife....