Tuesday, July 31, 2007

First Commute on the New Bike

Performs well, but even with the gel seat, my back and neck are killing me -- especially my neck-- lighter frame means less shock absorption (never realized how poorly paved the bike path is!). At home, rode the Trek to B's for cat-sitting (more about these psycho kitties soon), loving the softer, more comfortable feel and ride. Back at my place again, swapped out the other, much softer, gel seat from the Trek to the Marin. Tried to raise the handlebars on the Marin, but I can't seem to figure out how that works on this bike. I suspect they're as high as they can go, which may be a problem, since it means my neck is at a sharper angle looking forward, and my upper body has too much pressure on it. I may have to compensate by lowering the seat a little.

Hmmm. I have muscle relaxants at work during this transitional time.

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