Thursday, June 28, 2007

Putting the "pause" in Menopause

I think it was a false alarm. Sure, I had that day where my heart palpitated for several hours, that weird period where I couldn't sleep, and then there's feeling like I have a normal body temperature for once, rather than that of a rock lizard.

I think it was my mother's comments from Boston that had me most convinced: "Ya hoahmones'a changin.' I went through it at fohty, and was done in six months. Boom."


Sure, everything changes; that's life. But as far as this is concerned, either I'm going gently into that good Change, or it's decided to wait for now.

Sorry, Mom.


SP said...

It would probably be easier to get used to ya hoahmoanes changin' if you smoked a couple of packs a day. You know, the coughing and wheezing can be very soothing if you're suffering from palpitations.

JC said...

Yes, and eat lots of Steak Bomb subs. Don't forget playin' the numbah.