Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Notes from Chaosland

Title Company email to attorney paralegal, cc'ing me: "Attached are the endorsements and blah blah blah for the following pay-application escrow info info..."

Me, in reply: "I'm sorry, I'm still getting up to speed...what is the significance of these? Do I need to do anything with them?"

Title Company: "No, these are for the attorney. You can just file them."

(something about this

Me: "When you say the endorsement are approved, does that mean I am approved to fund the payment?" (translation: "When I see an email like this that lists endorsements of particular payment applications, is that my cue to send you money to pay them?")

Title Company: "Yes."

(translation: "Although I've just told you that the aforementioned email is nothing you have to worry about, what I really meant was yes, this is your cue to send over hundreds of thousands, nay, millions, of dollars by express messenger so that they can be wired to the contractors.")

(CURTAIN falls on Joy failing yet again to get through the day without muttering the Eff Word.)


Dave P. said...

...aaahhhhh, when life becomes a Dilbert cartoon....

JC said...

I KNOW!!!!!!

The material I can get from this gig is a gold mine.