Thursday, June 7, 2007

Life is Busy

So I’m learning new things at work, which means I'm in that phase where I have no time during the day to so much as check my email. This is fine, because I can tell I'll hit my stride soon and can go back to relaxing somewhat.

Warm weather is here; still have this cold but sucking down Wal-tussin (love those Walgreens brands).

Almost had a date last night; was pinged on my Trendy Dating Account to see a band that I'd mentioned I like - Pinger also likes this band and suggested we might meet. Here's the thing: I really like this band, and I've discovered that if I want to guarantee to enjoy something, I should do it alone. I didn’t want to jeopardize the evening by risking it having to be in an awkward situation. Also, I'm still feeling crappy. So I begged off but suggested we get together for coffee or something later. My intuition told me this guy’s a little odd, which is par for the course online. I am a freak magnet. Haven’t ruled him out yet, but I have my suspicions. I also think he’ll fade away, or pursue someone more readily accessible (read: slutty).

Had my hair cut and colored today, While I sat under the arms of the heat-lamp chair (the manufacturer calls it the Jupiter II), Summer cut another customer's hair, a guy with incredibly gorgeous eyes. There I sat, rows of foil on my head, basking under the Jupiter II, and this guy was clearly interested. Why do I even bother caring about the clothes I wear, when all I need to do is wrap aluminum foil on my head and smell of processing agents?

Alas, they were discussing their smoking habits, so it could never be.

Ack, time for bed.


SP said...

You are that zebra!

JC said...

What? have you been OD'ing Billy Tea?

SP said...

You are that zebra that all the lions go for.

JC said...

OK. I'll just smile and say, "right!"